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Teaching practical 
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There is an abundant harvest in store for you. You need not earn your blessing; it is your birthright. Our modern outreach ministries are teaching practical, real-world SOLUTIONS to the problems of our time. You need not change who you are or what you believe. You are already good enough. Now, let's shift from good into GREAT.

Refreshingly Different

Why Anointed Harvest is for You


21st Century Approach

Rooted in a pleasant blend of ancient wisdom and modern practicality, free from judgment or constraint. Digital and brick-and-mortar services allow us to meet your schedule and lifestyle.


We Are Always Innovating

An organization that grows alongside you, keeping things fresh, applicable, and results-based.


Open and

We offer solutions to the problems of our time, but we do not mandate that you "join" or blindly follow every teaching. Rather, like a buffet, you may choose what best serves your unique style and existing core beliefs.

We would LOVE to have you affiliate, but it is not a requirement in order to access our basic teachings.


Three Simple Guidelines:

1. Do Good, as you feel led to do such.

2. Become Better, as you feel inspired to grow.

3. Share Love, when you feel like uplifting others.

"You hold a natural, 
unbreakable connection to Source.  

It is time to learn how to access this misunderstood gift
and attract the anointed harvest into your life."

Organizational Beliefs

A brief summary of our core values and beliefs:

  • Source: That there is a singular, Divine Source from which all consciousness flows. The greatest minds throughout history have revealed this divine truth, from the Savior Jesus to modern-day advocates for peace and harmony.
  • Connection: That humanity holds a natural connection to the Divine Source, and although nothing may ever break this firm connection we have Free Will to turn away from the blessing and the anointed gift. This turning away leads to error, or hardship.
  • Equality:  That all people are equal in the eyes of the divine. Let us strive to embrace one another in like manner.
  • Purpose:  That one purpose of human life is to experience the good and bad of mortal existence. These sensory data help Source to learn more about Itself through our unique perspectives. As such, rich and poor stand on equal footing and both profoundly contribute to the expansion of universal knowledge.
  • Identity: That a person is comprised of a unique, individual, and immortal spirit-consciousness housed within a mortal body. The spirit originates from Source, and at the time of physical departure the spirit safely returns to Source.
  • Goodness: That humans are inherently good; that evil is sometimes a result of turning away from the blessings of Source.
  • Open-Mindedness:  That there is spiritual value to be found in all peaceful beliefs and practices; the liberated individual is free to select and utilize what best serves her or his needs. The sages of the ages have been many, but few. Let us consider their words.
  • Loving-kindness: That love is prized above all spiritual laws. Let us strive to love and be loved, always and in all ways; acknowledging that we will fail from time to time, but that by divine grace we may improve upon our nature, our work, and our words, for the betterment of all humankind. So may it be.

Three Basic Guidelines


Do Good

Good thoughts, good acts, good expectations. These uplift humankind.


Become Better

As you improve yourself you cannot help but empower others, as well.


Share Love

Compassion is the gift which blesses both ways. 


Life was meant to be ABUNDANT. There is a harvest in season for you if you would but prepare yourself to receive the blessings and the goodness. The greatest leaders throughout the ages attest to this universal truth. Now, discover the mystery of the ages.
Your best life awaits.

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We welcome your interest and look forward to serving you.
May God richly bless you, always and in all ways.

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